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Sustaining the Arts  
Roscommon County Arts Plan 2009 - 2012
  This Arts Plan has been written for a three year period in which, having followed a time of unrivalled economic growth, we are likely to continue to experience economic uncertainty.
  It is sometimes the case that in times like these, the arts, being viewed as less essential, are among the first to suffer - a luxury without which there will be little loss to quality of life. Not only is this not the case, but it is in these very times when the role of the arts in society is most valuable. It should be noted that arts funding goes a long way because the arts, as an industry, deliver tremendous impact from a comparatively small investment. However in the current circumstances, this plan has been conceived as a practical, achievable, balanced and pragmatic blueprint for the development of the arts for the next three years.
  The key elements of this plan are -
To build on the achievements of the previous plan, putting those programmes and projects that have proved successful on a secure and permanent footing.
To maintain existing, and develop new strategic partnerships with other agencies and organisations to achieve mutually shared goals.
To endeavour to ensure that to work as an artist in County Roscommon is a viable option for emerging and established professional artists.
  In recent times we are being asked fundamental questions about how our society is organised, how we manage our economy, our environment and our vision of ourselves. Roscommon’s first Arts Plan noted that being involved with the arts can have a lasting and transforming effect on many aspects of people's lives, that the arts act as a tool by which we engage with the world, view ourselves, examine our value systems, provoke thought, and that it is through the arts that we express ourselves as individuals, groups and as a society whose sense of identity and purpose is expressed through art.
  The plan noted that while the arts play a central function in the cultural well being of the county, they also have vast implications socially and economically, the three strands of which are inherently intertwined.
  Roscommon Arts Office/Arts Office Programmes/Arts Plan….. (PDF 6MB)